Thursday, March 31, 2011


Lauren Collignon Hoskins’ lust for life is evident in her original and beautifully handcrafted jewelry. By combining both classy and edgy components, her jewelry reflects a unique yet elegant style. Lauren uses gemstones ranging from coral and rubies to sapphires, and precious metals including sterling silver and gold. Her pieces incorporate original charms created by Collignon Designs along with design elements from diverse cultures.

As a Baton Rouge native, Lauren graduated in Art History from Louisiana State University in 1997. Design was always her passion and after moving to Houston, Texas she found the opportunity to make her dreams a reality by opening her jewelry design studio. Lauren’s appreciation for beauty, strength and diversity are evident in her pieces designed for those with the most distinctive tastes. After browsing the shop, you will find Collignon Designs delight an array of individual tastes.